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Friday, September 16, 2011

Membership Application

    PO Box 571, Massena, NY 13662

    Membership Application

Date:_______________________            Phone:______________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________    E-Mail:_____________________________

Type of Membership (Mark one)

    Single                $15.00            All Memberships are now due
    Family              25.00            in September!
    Student              10.00
    Senior (62)              10.00
    Business              50.00
    Corporate             100.00

    Please take a moment to answer the following questions:

What medium do you work with?__________________________________________________

Will you display your work in our shows? ___________________________________________

Are you interested in a one person show? ____________________________________________

Can you attend monthly meetings? _________________________________________________

Can you work on shows? _________________________________________________________

Are you interested in “Tips & Techniques” at our meetings? _____________________________

What type would you like to see?  Speakers? Demos? Films? Discussions? _________________

What can the Massena Artists Association do to serve you better? ________________________


    Please return your check to the Association
    Any questions?  Call Dorothy Badger at 769-557l or Cecilia Dewey at 769-6210

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